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SubAndGain Referral Program gives the opportunity to earn money for every person you refer to SUBANDGAIN. Also you earn money for every indirect referrals/dwnwliners.
Would you like to know this? You also earn money from all transactions made by your direct and indirect downliners up-to the 7th generation.

How To Earn From Referral commission?

You are paid referral commission whenever you refer people and when the people you refer also refer people.

General Referral Bonus:

  • Refer people to SubAndGain and earn ₦50 immediately the person fund his/her wallet with minimum of N1,000.

You earn referral commission as follows:

  • You sign up and upgrade account - you earn 25%-15% welcome bonus and also earn 200PV-15PV (depending on the package you upgraded to)
  • You register Bola and Bola upgrades account - you earn 10% commission
  • Bola register Jide and Jide upgrades account - you earn 5% commission
  • Jide register John and John upgrades account - you earn 3% commission
  • John register Micheal and Micheal upgrades account - you earn 1% commission
  • Micheal register Chuks and Chuks upgrades account - you earn 0.5% commission
  • Chuks register Gabriel and Gabriel upgrades account - you earn 0.5% commission
  • Gabriel register Precious and Precious upgrades account - you earn 0.5% commission

VTU and point value(PV) commission:

These are commissions you earn when you recharge any product on SubAndGain.

  • Airtime - you earn 4%-0.2% commission (depending on the membership package you are)
  • Data - you earn 2%-0.3% commission
  • Cable TV subscriptions - you earn 40Naira commission
  • Electricity Bills - you earn 0.5%-0.15% commission
  • Education Bills - you earn 1%-0.3% commission
  • You earn 1 Point Value(PV) on all airtime, data, cable TV, electricity bills and education bills transaction you make.