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SubAndGain has come to make life easier for each and every individual. Imaging earning an income for every subscription you made.

We have developed a golden opportunity for you to earn from your daily activities. Our vision can take you to places you have always wanted to be.

A perfect way of achieving your dreams

SubAndGain is developed to enable every individual to leave the live they have always wanted to live by earning passively on what they do on a daily basis. Imaging the amount of money you have spent on data subscription, airtime, cable TV, electricity bills and eucational bills so far.

Some people have been spending on these aforementioned products since the age of 10. Can you calculate the amount you have spent in total or just a put a figure to it? You can see that it's huge beyond what you can ever imaging.
Now, what if you have gotten a system that pays you back anytime you purchase any of those products since that age of 10 till date? Do you know you would have made Billions of Naira?
This is what the banks are making on a daily basis as you patronised them.

Earn Passively as banks do

Analysis by NCC shows that we have over 200 million active GSM lines in Nigeria. The telecom average revenue per user in Nigeria is N2,000 per month. Monthle airtime usage per month is N260 billion.

Check this out, when you top up your phone airtime for yourself or others, your bank makes as low as 5% from your purchase and sadly you make 0% or even loose further from the SMS you received for topping up(SMS Charges).
If you multiply 5% commission made by banks from millions of bank customers nationwide from every VTU transaction you will be amazed by the amount you will come up with.

If you have also earn as your bank does from all VTU transaction you do for yourself or others, SubAndGain is the best solution.

SubAndGain Mission

SubAndGain is developed to create a uniformly distribution of wealth for the people. We provides a parmanent way to earn passively on the internet. This is to make people enable every individual on this platform to live a good live and stand out anywhere they are.

VTU is a day to day used product that we all can't do without. And as long as GSM lines still exist, VTU will always be the most demand product in the world. This is why you need to tap into this. And you will earn passively on SubAndGain as you do the transaction for yourself and others.